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Fall River 2012 Sustainability Report

In 2012, Fall River became the first city in the USA (and one of the first in the world) to adopt the most widely used standard in the world for sustainability reporting.  Below are highlights plus links to FAQs, a press release, and the full report.  We welcome your feedback!



    HIGHLIGHTS – Fall River:

        -          reduced annual carbon emissions equivalent to taking 2,300 cars off the road.

        -          decreased in solid waste (40.2%) and water use (13.3%) while increasing recycling    rates.

        -          increased transparency: this report contains over 67 indicators of progress.

        -          preserves a 13,400 acre bioreserve with 2 endangered and 6 other rare animal species.

        -          is restoring historic sites and creating green spaces.

        -          revitalizing neighborhoods with the Building Blocks Program.

        -          effectively managing finances, including a balanced budget.

        -          increased transparency: this report contains over 67 measures of progress, making this an A level report according to the Global Reporting Initiative’s G3 standard.


     Click here to visit:


            2012 Fall River Sustainability Report


            Press Release: Fall River publishes first GRI-guided sustainability report by a city in the USA


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