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America's Promise

The youth development framework that Fall River utilizes is America’s Promise,which is dedicated to mobilizing the nation’s groups and organizations as well asbuilding and strengthening the character and competence of our youth.


At the heart of America’s Promise is a set of five basicpromises made to every child in America in order to help them grow up strongand take their place as successful adults. These promises are:caring adults, safe places, healthy start, effective education andopportunities to serve.


Youth services collaborates with other youth-servicingagencies to promote this approach to the overall community in an effort toemphasize how positive youth outcomes will make Fall River a strongercommunity. Some examples are working to achieve developmental outcomes such asbecoming employable and building intellectual ability; achievable outcomes suchas graduating from high school/ GED program or getting a job; preventionoutcomes such as being alcohol and drug-free or not engaging in violent or gangbehaviors. Towards this goal, Youth Services has successfully received grantfunding.