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Sarah M. Cornell

Sarah M. Cornell
(December 30, 1832)


Sarah M. Cornell was a young woman who moved to Fall River to work in a factory.  She attended church every Sunday and was impregnated by her minister, Ephraim K. Avery of Bristol, RI, a Methodist Minister who had a wife and seven children of his own.  John Durfee found Cornell in nearby Tiverton, RI impregnated and dead.  Upon a quick search of her belongings they quickly linked Rev. Avery with her murder.  After a trial in Bristol, RI Rev. Avery was found not guilty of his charges, but fled to New Hampshire fearing for his life due to the outraged citizens of Fall River.  A group of prominent Fall Riverites began to find new evidence against Avery and acquired a second warrant for his arrest.  Avery was arrested and a new trial took place in 1883.  Again Avery was found not guilty and died in 1869, now a farmer in Ohio. 

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