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Tax Title & Payments

The Treasurer’s office is responsible for the collection of all Tax Title Accounts. Pursuant to General Laws Chapter 60, Sections 53 & 54 when real estate taxes remain unpaid at the end of the fiscal year, an Instrument of Taking is recorded or filed at the Registry of Deeds. A perfected lien for the collection of the unpaid real estate taxes is thereby created. Taxpayers may pay these unpaid taxes, together with interest and charges, through an Installment Agreement. If the taxes remain unpaid, the City will institute foreclosure proceedings in the Land Court which could result in the taxpayer losing its ownership interest in the property.

Tax Title Payments:

Payments made on a property in Tax Title may be made by personal   check, money order, bank check or cash.  Final payments on a Tax Title property must be made by bank check, money order or cash.


Contact the Treasurer’s Office at 508-324-2260, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., with any questions about how to make tax title payments.