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Request for an Official City Mayoral Citation or Proclamation


The Office of Mayor Paul E. Coogan offers proclamations and citations as a courtesy to the residents of the City of Fall River.

Proclamations and citations are issued by the Mayor to honor, celebrate, or
create awareness of an event, milestone, or achievement and, in certain circumstances,
individuals of interest to the greater populace.

A proclamation can mark a day, week or month (such as Mental Health Awareness Month or Greek Independence Day) and contains around 5 “whereas” statements about the event or cause. A citation is given on a specific day to honor an individual or group and only lists their name and the reason for the citation (such as retirements, acts of goodwill or milestone birthdays).

These public service documents are not legally binding, nor do they constitute an endorsement by the Mayor.

All requests must be submitted in writing at 14 business days prior to the date needed. Proclamation requests must be submitted with a draft of around 5 “whereas” statements. The Mayor’s Office reserves the right to modify or deny any request without explanation.

Mayoral citations and proclamations may be published on your business’s website or social media. Please note if you intend to use the Mayor’s name or image in any other method while publicizing your Citation, please contact the Mayor’s office in advance at 508.324.2600 or email to obtain approval prior to doing so.


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