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Prescription Insurance for Employees

The City of Fall River offers MaxorPlus, CVS Caremark, and Fall RiverMeds as prescription discount programs for its employees.

Active Employees and non-Medicare eligible retirees.

MaxorPlus – Mail Service Prescription Program for Active Employees and non-Medicare eligible retirees.

Effective 7/1/2018 Active and non-Medicare members enrolled in Network Blue or Blue Care Elect will have prescription coverage through MaxorPlus, an independent Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM), instead of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. Participating with MaxorPlus will give the City and employees greater access and control over our prescription drug plan while potentially saving millions over the length of the contract.

Members will have the same copays ($10/$25/$50 for one month of retail or $20/$50/$110 for three months of mail order) with access to a larger drug formulary and can continue to use their regular retail pharmacy or participate in the MaxorPlus mail order program at a reduced copay. Please view this Maxor FAQ for more information about the program. Members will also still have access to and are encouraged to take advantage of the $0 copay Fall River Meds program through CanaRx.

Please click here for a breakdown of tiered prescriptions which apply to both the HMO and PPO plans.

Retirees with Medex and Medicare

Members enrolled in Medex with Blue Medicare RX (PDP) can use their regular retail pharmacy through their prescription plan managed by CVS Caremark. Members can enroll in a mail order program through CVS Caremark and can fill certain medications at a reduced cost through the mail. Members should contact CVS Caremark at 1-800-875-0867 for more information or enroll in the mail order program.

Effective 1/1/2019 the Blue Medicare RX (PDP) coverage included with Medex will change to Humana. Members will still have their Medex Medicare coverage through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts but will use their new Humana card at their regular retail pharmacy or can take advantage of the Humana mail order program for prescriptions through mail. Members that need any help at all with their prescription coverage can contact Retiree First, a firm that specializes in municipal retiree health and drug programs, at 508-300-9697.

Free prescription program for all insured members

FallRiverMeds/CanaRx – Select Name Brand Medications Available to all members for No Cost

CanaRx offers a voluntary international mail order service option for Brand Name Maintenance medications through the FallRiverMeds program. City employees, retirees and their dependents are eligible for the program as long as they are enrolled in the city’s health insurance.

CanaRx Services Inc. has implemented multiple safeguards and safety checks into each step of the enrollment and ordering processes. Plan participants will need to allow 20 days for delivery.
A listing of available medications can be found at or by calling a Customer Service Representative at 1-866-893-MEDS (6337) toll-free.