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Planning Board

 What We Do

The Fall River Planning Board is an appointed body responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Massachusetts Subdivision Control Law (M.G.L. Chapter 131, §41) and many other Regulations and Ordinances within the boundaries of the City of Fall River.  These duties include but are not limited to:

  • Review and endorsement of Plans determined not to require approval under the subdivision control law (so-called “Form A” Plans)
  • Review and approval of Defintive Subdivision Plans (so-called “Form C” Plans)
  • Recommendations for street acceptances and discontinuances
  • Review of proposed changes to the Zoning By-Law
  • Periodic review and update of the city’s Master Plan
  • Periodic review and update of the city’s Open Space & Recreation Plan
  • Hearing request for re-hearings before the Zoning Board of Appeals

How to Contact Us:

The Fall River Planning Board office is located at City Hall on the 5th floor in Room 534.  We can be reached by telephone at (508) 324-2561 and walk-ins are always welcome.

Our mailing address is as follows:

Fall River Planning Board

One Government Center – Room 534

Fall River, MA 02722


John Ferreira – Chair
Gloria Pacheco – Vice Chair
Beth Andre
Mario Lucciola
Michael Farias

Applications, Forms and Fees

Planning Board Fees

Zoning Board Fees

Rules and Regulations


Planning Board 2023 Meeting Schedule