Route 79 Project Advisory

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Parks, both passive and active, are now and have been a source of pride in the City of Fall River. The main parks of the city are neighborhood landmarks that people identify as the part of the city in which they live. Frederick Law Olmstead, the Father of Landscape Architecture in America, designed three of the city’s parks: Ruggles, North and Kennedy.

The Parks Division is responsible for the maintenance of all city Parks and playgrounds, a summer recreation program and participates in various civic events like the July 4th Fireworks.

The division maintains:

  • 24 parks & playgrounds, which comprise the basis of the park & recreation system
  • Approximately 172 acres of park land
  • 15 miles of median strips throughout the city
  • 11  memorial greens

The Park Division continuously strives to maintain and improve our facilities in order to ensure access for all individuals to city parks and to provide recreational opportunities for the young, elderly and persons with disabilities.