Reminder FY2020 2nd quarter Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes are due on 11/1/2019

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Park Fees

Per City Ordinance Sec. 2-1003. Fees charged by parks and cemeteries division.

Fees charged by the parks and cemeteries division, in addition to such other fees as may be set by law or by ordinance, shall be as set out in the fee schedule in Appendix A of this Revision.
(Rev. Ords. 1988, § 2-763; Ord. No. 2008-40, § 1(2-1003), 7-15-2008)

Permit for the use of a public park for a special event  $125.00/day
Electrical Hook-ups for special event  $ 60.00/each hook up
Other Commercial use, electrical fee  $125.00/per night