Christmas Tree Collection

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Official Specimen Ballot

Please select one of the following links to download the form:

City Election 2019:

City Election      Official Ballot


Recall Election 2019:

Recall Election      Official Ballot


Official Specimen Ballot 2020 click here click here

State  Primary Election 2020:

WD. 1, Pct. A, WD. 6, Pcts. A,B (239/239)         Official Ballot
WD. 1, Pcts. B, C, WDs. 2,3, WD. 4, Pcts. A, B, WD. 5, Pct. A (227/227) Official Ballot
WD. 4, Pct. C (237/237) Official Ballot
WD. 5, Pct. B, WD. 6, Pct.C (212/212) Official Ballot
WD. 5, Pcts. B1, C, WD. 6, Pct. C1, WDs. 7-9 (213/213) Official Ballot