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New Residential Construction

New Residential 1 and 2 Family Construction

  1. Building Permit Application (with sign offs from the departments listed below)
  2. Copy of Variance (if applicable – check zoning by-laws and tables)
    (1) Set of Plans (11” X 17” paper copy) along with a copy of the plans in PDF Format on a CD-ROM for archiving
  3. Copy of Contractors License / Mass State Construction Supervisors License with a minimum (1G) endorsement (homeowner may choose to take the permit solely in their name, if they intend to build the home themselves and reside there once complete).
  4. State Workers Compensation Affidavit
    Cost – ($0.19) Per Square Foot (to include Basement, Decks, Porches, Garages). To be calculated by the Building Inspector
  5. Stamped Truss Schedule and/or Specifications on any Laminated or Engineered building products (if applicable)

Building Permit Application Sign Off Requirements

  1. Planning Division: 508-324-2561 – Located on 5th floor of City Hall, Room 534
  2. Conservation Commission: 508-324-2340 – Located on 5th floor of City Hall, Room 522
  3. Engineering Division: 508-324-2512 – Located on 5th floor of City Hall, Room 531
  4. Water Division: 508-324-2721 – Located at 1620 Bedford Street (intersection of Bedford and Stonehaven Road)
  5. Sewer Division: 508-324-2320 – Located on 3rd floor of City Hall, Room 326