Mooring Permits

§82-67 Mooring Permits

Mooring permit waiting list. A current, up-to-date mooring waiting list shall be maintained and published by the Harbormaster for each mooring area in order that persons may know where they stand on the list. A fee shall be charged each year to maintain one’s name on the waiting list. Standing on the waiting list shall not be determined by residency. If a person on the waiting list is called to accept a mooring assignment, he may refuse and remain in his current position on the list. If for some reason the person is unable to place the approved mooring within the thirty-day limit, he shall be placed back on the waiting list in the previous position and the next person on the waiting list shall be offered the mooring location.


Boat only. Boats secured to a temporary seasonal mooring shall be “boat only” permits allowing only the boat described on the permit to be so attached. The Harbormaster or Assistant Harbormaster in his absence shall be the only person to authorize a particular boat to be placed on a particular mooring.
Other objects. Other objects, including but not limited to floats and rafts, shall obtain an independent permit for the mooring of each object, and no other object shall be placed on that mooring without written permission by the Harbormaster.
Permits and forms. The Harbormaster may develop a mooring permit and any additional forms for purposes of implementing the provisions of this article.
New permit
A person granted a mooring shall, within 30 days, complete a Fall River mooring permit application provided by the Harbormaster:
  • Provide completed and signed mooring permit applications containing proof of ownership and residential address and vessel information.
  • Provide a copy of license and registration or documentation of the vessel.
  • Submit required mooring permit fee.
The applicant must present the permit to the Harbormaster, who will approve, deny or place the applicant back on the waiting list if no suitable location is available.
No mooring may be placed in the water until such time as the applicant has received an approved mooring permit and designated mooring coordinates from the Harbormaster.
Mooring permits are seasonal and must be renewed by January 31 of each year.
  • If a mooring fee is not paid by March 31, a late fee as set forth in Chapter A110, Fee Schedule, of the City Code will be assessed.
  • If a mooring fee is not paid by June 30, the mooring permit shall be revoked. The individual may request to be placed on the mooring waiting list for the next available mooring.
Special permits. A special permit may be issued to an organized marina, sailing club, or organization or yacht club which owns all the moorings in a mooring field, such as Battleship Cove Community Boating, in which one person is in charge of or responsible for the repair and maintenance of all the moorings, removal of vessels in case of impending storm, etc., payment for all moorings, and which submits all mooring inspection reports at one time.
Renewal of an existing permit. A mooring permit holder who desires to renew the permit shall:
  • Ensure that all the information on the form is accurate and that all the requested information is complete. New vessels require notification of and approval by the Harbormaster.
  • Return the renewal form and mooring permit fee to the Harbormaster by January 31. If the mooring fee is not paid by March 31, a late fee as set forth in Chapter A110, Fee Schedule, of the City Code will be assessed. If a mooring fee is not paid by June 30, the mooring permit shall be revoked.
Revocation or nonrenewal of an existing permit.
  • A permit holder who does not desire to renew the mooring permit should so indicate on the renewal form and sign and return the form to the Harbormaster.
  • A permit holder shall remove his vessel from the mooring within 30 days of nonrenewal or notice of revocation.
  • A permit holder shall remove all mooring tackle from the mooring location within 30 days of revocation or nonrenewal, unless the mooring tackle is to be sold to the new permit holder.
  • A new permit holder shall not be required to purchase any existing mooring tackle left by the previous owner at a particular mooring location.
  • If the existing mooring tackle is not sold to the new mooring holder, and the previous permit holder has not removed the mooring gear within the 30 days as required, the Harbormaster shall make a written demand to the previous permit holder by certified mail. If not removed within 15 days of the date of such notice, the Harbormaster shall remove the mooring gear at the full expense of the owner. If the owner fails to claim the mooring gear within 30 days, it becomes the property of the Harbormaster for disposal. The Harbormaster shall immediately remove any noncomplying, improperly placed, or off-station mooring that interferes with or causes a hazard to navigation or other moored vessels.
Denial of permit. Pursuant to MGL c. 40, § 57 and Chapter 14, Article I, § 14-4, of the Code of the City of Fall River, a permit issued pursuant to this article may be denied, revoked or suspended if the applicant or permit holder has neglected or refused to pay any local taxes, fees, assessments, betterments, charges or other municipal charges for not less than a twelve-month period and that party has not filed in good faith a pending application for an abatement of such tax or a pending petition before the appellate tax board.
Changing the vessel of record. Any person desiring to place a vessel other than the vessel of record on his assigned mooring shall complete a new mooring permit form along with the required fee and submit it to the Harbormaster for approval. The change will be allowed as long as the vessel will fit on the mooring without causing any interference with any other vessel.
Change of mooring location. Any mooring holder wanting to change the location of his mooring must file a mooring change form with the Harbormaster for approval.
  • The Harbormaster shall determine if the mooring holder’s vessel will fit in the requested location. So long as the change does not pose any danger or restriction to other vessels the Harbormaster may allow the change. If the change poses a danger or may interfere with another previously moored vessel, the Harbormaster shall deny such move.
  • In the event two or more mooring holders wish to swap moorings, the same criteria as set forth above shall be the determining factor.