PSA Important Information About Lead in your Drinking Water

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Bird, Forrest M. mass-produced mechanical ventilators
Black, Harold Stephen   negative feedback system
Bose, Amar speaker and headphone
Brown, Rachel Fuller nystatin (Antifungal/Antibiotic)
Burbank, Luther 800 varieties of plants
Coolidge, William D X-Ray
Franklin, Benjamin Official State Inventor – lightning rod, bifocals, and the Franklin stove
Gillette, King Camp Safety Razors
Goodyear, Charles rubber tires
Howe, Elias  sewing machine
Morse, Samuel F. B. Morse Code
Rines, Robert H. High-Resolution Radar and Sonar
Spencer, Percy High-Efficiency Magnetron (microwave oven)
Tishler, Max Synthesis of Vitamin B2 & Sulfaquinoxaline (Antibiotic)
Wakefield, Ruth Toll House chocolate chip cookie
Whitney, Eli cotton gin