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Grave Markers & Monuments

Grave markers or flags for deceased veterans are available and requests should be sent to the Veterans’ Agent, Ray Hague, by e-mail or by calling the office at 508-324-2432.

Monuments and Markers within the City of Fall River
There are 31 monuments and markers in the City of Fall River. All monuments and markers are maintained by Veterans Services through the Department of Community Maintenance.



Name Location Footnote
Lt. Henry A. Adams Square Eastern Ave. at County St.
All Wars Center of Kennedy Park –Veterans Memorial
American Veterans Memorial (Amvets) 13th Street at the corner of Pleasant Street Dedicated to the memory of those who made the supreme sacrifice and in honor of those who served the Armed Forces of our country during World War II.
Mariano S. Bishop Rhode Island Avenue. at Tucker Street In memory of Mariano S. Bishop died January 2, 1953.  Dedicated November 26, 1953, by Liberal Club in honor of their past President.  Former Vice President of the C.I.O.  Textile Workers Union of America.
Albert Bradbury Stafford Road at Cambridge Street Died in 1937.  World War I Veteran, 189th Company – American Forces. Previously a member of the British forces.  He later went on to be a Fall River Police Officer and City Councilor.
PFC Manuel Cabral Rhode Island Ave. at Aetna Street Killed in action, Normandy France Invasion, July 10, 1944.  Co. A 120 Infantry 30th Divisio U.S.A. World War II.  Erected by friends and members of Aetna Social Club
Cannon Broadway & Bradford Ave
Civil War Cannons Oak Grove Cemetery
Manuel F. Claudio Pocasset Street Killed in action, San Carlo, Italy, Feb 2, 1944.  Entered the Armed Forced April 20, 1943. Co. D 337th Engineers General Service Regiment, age 26.  Rank P.F.C.   Sponsored by the Luso American Club.  Donated by friends and neighbors on July 4, 1955.
Cosmo Cupolo Monument Broadway & Bradford Ave. 1902 – 1972
CPT Thomas A. Derosier 1938 – 1967
Pvt. Don at Duquette Pleasant Street (Stafford Square)
Durfee Green Highland Ave at Maple Street
Memorial Bell Firemen’s Bell Monument Kennedy Park Dedicated 1921
Pvt. Joseph Francis Highland Ave. at Prospect Street
Franco-American War Veterans Eastern Ave. at Barre Street In Memory of all those who have served and died.  Erected by Franco American War Veterans Inc.  Post #5 auxiliary.
Staff Sgt. James T. Griffin Griffin Play Ground at 4th,5th and branch Street Staff Sgt. James T. Griffin, born 1918, was killed in action while servicing in the U.S. Air Corps in Germany 1943.
Thomas Hudner Hudner Field at Stanley Street
Iwo Jima Memorial Veterans Memorial Bicentennial Park
Kerr Mill Veterans Eastern Ave at McGowen Street 1941 – 1945. This tablet is erected in honor of all those employees of the American Thread Co.  Kerr Mills who served in World War II and in memory of those named on this tablet who gave their lives for their country.
General Kosciuszko East Main Street at South Main Street American Revolutionary War General and Polish National hero 1746 – 1817.  Erected by Americans of Polish descent in Fall River, Massachusetts Dedicated July 4, 1950.
General Lafayette County Street at Eastern Ave. (Lafayette Park) Major General Lafayette and his troops passed through Fall River on his way to Newport, RI July 1778.  Presented to the City of Fall River September. 4, 1916.  Its citizens of french descent have erected this monument to a great Frenchman His Sword Succored the Nascent Republic and made American Liberty possible.
CPL Ronald F. Lake 1946 – 1967
Gerald J. Lawton So. Main St & Anawan Street This park is dedicated to the memory of “Jerry” (1936 – 1992) who helped the poor and homeless find lodging.
John R. Machado Green So. Main St. at William Street Dedicated to John R. Machado 1880 – 1935.  He was one of the most outstanding of Fall River citizens and his every thought and effort was for the community’s welfare.

President of the Central Labor Union 1928 – 1935.

President of the Carmens Union 1921 – 1935.

President of the Local Council of the Portuguese American Civic League of Massachusetts 1933 – 1935.

Elected to the City Council 1931 and continued as a member of that body until his death.


David Malcom Ruggles Park at Seabury Street Dedicated to the memory of a man who spent many years of his life developing and encouraging the youth of the City in the field of sports.  1871 – 1952.
Joseph E. McMullen Jr. North Park In memory of Joseph F. McMullen Jr.  Massachusetts S.I.C. U.S.N.R. World War II Ph.  June 12, 1925 – March 19, 1945.
William R. Medeiros Columbia St at Fountain Street Dedicated to the memory of William R. Medeiros 1907 – 1955.  A man who devoted the best years of this life to the American Labor Movement.  It can rightly be said that as a result of his untiring effort the working man and his family have lived a healthier and happier life.  Erected by American Federation of labor.
Cpl. David Miller (POW/MIA) Miller Square South Main at Shove Street David L. Miller was taken prisoner by the Japanese during WWII and was forced to take part in the Bataan Death march.  He died in a prison camp in the Philippines.  A plaque in his memory was unveiled during the ceremony dedicated 1991.
Cpl. Robert Newbury (KIA) County Street at the Rolling Rock
Polish-American War Veterans Globe Street at Plymouth Ave. A tribute of honor and gratitude to those who made the supreme sacrifice in the service of their country during World War II.  Erected by Polich American War Veterans and auxiliary, Fall River, Massachusetts Oct 12, 1949.
Prince Henry the Navigator of Portugal 1394 – 1460 Eastern Ave. at Pleasant Street His explorations and scientific accomplishments dispelled the legend of the tenebrous sea, beaconed the ocean route to India and opened the gateway of the Atlantic to the Americal Continent.  The monument in his honor marks the eight Centennial of Portuguese national Organization in 1140.  Erected by people of Portuguese descent of New England and their friends on June 30, 1940.
General Casimir Pulaski Pulaski Park at Warren St. and Childs St. General Casimir Pulaski Polish American Patriot who aided the colonist in their fight for Liberty dying gloriously in action.  Erected by Polish Ameican Societies Fall River, MA.  Dedicated in 1931.
Pvt. Alvaro Rodrigues Rhode Island Ave. at Tower Street Pvt. Alvaro Rodrigues Co. F 9th infantry.  Born in St. Michaels, Azores, October 25, 1901.  Died with honor in the service of the United States of America in France, June 7, 1918.
Rolling Rock Eastern Ave at County Street Deposited on this spot during the glacial period ages ago.  Unique in its tilting feature.  It is recognized as of great historic and scientific interest.  preserved by the public in the year 1930.
Sgt. M. Wm. Rosenthal North Park Highland President Ave. Dedicated to the men of the Jewish faith of greater Fall River who died in the service of their country.
John W. Ruggiero Eastern Avenue John W. Ruggiero gave his life in the performance of his duty on July 23, 1973.  Post humously awarded the department medal of honor.
Cpl. George Santos Broadway at Columbia Street Cpl. George F. Santos Hdg. 1st Bn. 67 C.A. (A.A.) Byta. Born December 25, 1917, Died August 14, 1944j Rome, Italy.  Erected by friends and members of the Portuguese American A.C. 293 Almond Str., Fall River, Massachusetts.
PFC Ferdinand J. Scrivo  (KIA) Bedford Street and Eastern Ave.
Rev. Charles R. Smith County St at Concord Street Dedicated July 1958 in memory of Rev. Charles R. Smith 1889 – 1955, a friend of youth.  Erected by Holy Society Immaculate Conception Parish.
Spanish-American Pleasant at Plymouth Ave. Spanish War Vets.  U.S.A. 1898 – 1902, Philippines Islands, Cuba, and Porto Rico.  Erected by citizens of Fall River, Mass in memory of her sons, who on land and sea served their country in the War with Spain, the insurrection in the Philippines and the China relief expedition.  Dedicated October 30, 1939, by John Doran Camp #47 United States War Veterans; Hugh H. Burrows Commander.
Statue of Liberty Broadway at Bradford Ave. Kennedy Park With the faith and courage of their forefathers who made possible the freedom of these United States the Boy Scouts of America dedicated this copy of the Statue of Liberty as a pledge of everlasting  Fidelity and Loyalty.  The crusade to strengthen Liberty 1951.
Pvt. James Tyrrell (KIA) Fifth Street
2nd Lt. Joseph Teixeira Jr. Robeson Street at Bedford Street Was in the United States Army Air Force.  MIA in May 1944 in Germany. Received the Air Medal and the first oak leaf cluster to the medal.
Union Veterans Kennedy Park at Entrance to South Main Street Park Drive. In honor of Union Veterans presented to Richard Borden Post #46 Dept. Mass. C.A.R. by Samuel Watson A.D. 1901.
Veterans Memorial Drive
Frank Wilcox Plymouth Ave. at Stafford Road In memory of our departed comrade Frank Allen Wilcox Post #126 The American Legion.  Dedicated May 30, 1934.
Woman’s Relief Corps North Park at North Main Street Tree dedicated by Richard Borden Women’s Relief Corps.  106 in memory of those who gave their lives December 7, 1941, at Pearl Harbor.
WWII Soldier Kennedy Park at South Main Street and Bradford Street. In memory of all who made the Supreme Sacrifice in World War II.  Erected May 30, 1951, by American Portuguese War Vets Ass. Inc., American Portuguese loyalty Ass. Inc. and the citizens of a grateful community.
World War II Kennedy Park at So. Main Street Dedicated to those who died that a free America might live.  By Pvt. Joseph Francis Post 486 V.F.W

Other Memorials are located at the U.S.S. Massachusetts: