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Grants Programs

Grants programs administered by HHS are:

Massachusetts Tobacco Control

Massachusetts Tobacco Control Collaborative Program is a Massachusetts Department  of Public Health Tobacco Control Center funded grant.  Fall River employs a full-time and part-time staff member to work with communities within the collaborative network for ensuring compliance with the state’s tobacco sales ordinances, workplace tobacco regulations and enforcement of local regulation pertaining to youth access to tobacco products.  Compliance is determined through “compliance checks” utilizing underage youths to purchase tobacco products.

MA Bureau of Substance Abuse Services

The MOAPC (Massachusetts Opioid Abuse Prevention Collaborative) grant, awarded by the Department of Public Health (MDPH) Bureau of Substance Abuse Services (BSAS), is a “cluster” grant encompassing activities in Fall River, Taunton, Dighton and Norton where emphasis is placed on implementing strategies that lead to local policy, practice systems and environmental changes to prevent the misuses and abuse of opioids; and prevent and reduce unintentional deaths and non-fatal events associated with opioid poisonings.

Partnership for Success 2015 is a grant funded through the Department of Public Health (MDPH) Bureau of Substance Abuse Services (BSAS).  Its purpose is to prevent prescription drug misuse and abuse among high school aged youth with a secondary target of parents and prescribers.

Mass in Motion

The Mass in Motion Municipal Leadership and Wellness Implementation Grant’s purpose is to coordinate both public and private partnerships that will make policy, systems and environmental improvements that will create healthy environments as a way to prevent and reduce overweight/obesity, chronic disease and associated risk factors.  Interventions focus on changes that will reduce and remove barriers that limit access to healthy foods and opportunities for physical activities, and promote safe physical environments.

Charles E. Shannon Grant

Charles E. Shannon Community Safety Initiative (Shannon) Grant.  The Shannon, Community Safety Initiative (Shannon CSI) is a state grant program that offers communities with a demonstrated gang and youth violence problem resources to implement a multi-disciplinary anti-gang strategy encompassing prevention, intervention, and suppression programs utilizing law enforcement, community-based organizations, and government agencies.  The Fall River Shannon Community Safety Initiative uses a youth development approach that focuses on developmental outcomes, such as becoming employable or building intellectual ability; achievement outcomes, such as graduating from high school/GED program or getting a job; and problem-free (prevention) outcomes, such as being alcohol and drug-free or not engaging in violent behavior.