Fire Escapes

Fire Escapes

It’s against the law to block a fire escape. Most frequently, the cause of the blockage is an air conditioner, but people also place flower pots, cooking grills and even bicycles on fire escape platforms.

Another problem is vines or other vegetation growing through fire escape ladders.

Fire escapes are purpose-built, single-use items.  They save lives. Housing inspectors are always on the lookout for anything that would impede the movement of people trying to escape in a fire emergency.

If you own property that has a fire escape, it is important that you make sure that this important means of egress is completely clear of any obstruction. If you are a tenant, do not place anything on your fire escape.  This can endanger you, your family and anyone above you.

Minimum housing inspectors will cite property owners with blocked fire escapes. If you see a blocked fire escape in your neighborhood, please call Fall River Minimum Housing at 508-324-2541. There is no need to provide your name, but please provide the address of the building.