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Fall River Local Consumer Program

Fall River Local Consumer Program

The Fall River Local Consumer Program (LCP) operates out of the Fall River Community Development Agency. Funded by and working in cooperation with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General, the LCP provides free information and mediation to area consumers.

How Does Mediation Work?

A consumer having problems with a business may request mediation services. Staff mediators act as an intermediary between the consumer and merchant, attempting to reach a mutually acceptable solution. The LCP cannot provide legal advice or representation.

How Much Does It Cost?

The program is funded by the Office of the Attorney General. There are no fees or income guidelines for this program.

Who Is Eligible For Mediation?

Residents of Fall River filing against a business are eligible for mediation. We cannot mediate if you have already initiated legal proceedings or if your complaint is against a government agency, charity or private individual.

How Do I Apply?

Are you having a problem with a business? File a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office (AGO). For more information click here

File a complaint online


What Happens Next?

Your complaint will be reviewed once all paperwork is received. If it does not fall within the LCP jurisdiction, it will be referred to an agency that can assist you. If that happens, you will be notified.

If it falls within the purview of the LCP, staff will mediate the complaint through an informal process via phone or mail.

Please be aware that mediation is voluntary. A business has the option to refuse to participate in the process. If LCP staff is unable to resolve your complaint, you will be advised on your options, including how to file in Small Claims Court or how to contact the local Bar Association to find a private attorney.