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Fall River Census 2020

Fall River Census 2020: April 1 – July 31, 2020

Every ten years, the federal government counts each person in the U.S. once, regardless of their immigration or citizenship status. If you live here, you get counted.. The census solicits questions that provide a picture of the country.  Census results influence your voice in government, how much funding your community gets, in addition to how your community plans for the future.


CountThe census is a count of everyone living in the United States. This mandatory count is required by the United States Constitution.


EveryoneThe population of the United States must be counted. This includes people of all ages, races, ethnic groups, citizens, and non-citizens. The Census Bureau is bound by Title 13 of the United States Code, which means federal law protects the personal information you provide during the census.


Every 10 yearsThe federal census is conducted every 10 years. The next federal census will occur in 2020. You will receive census correspondence prior to Census Day April 1, 2020. The federal census is different than your annual street listing, which is sent every year by the city or town in which you reside.


Everywhere in the U.S. – The federal census counts everyone living in the United States, including all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and U.S. territories.


Online, phone, or mailThe U.S. Census Bureau will send a letter inviting you to go online and complete your census form if you can. Don’t worry if you don’t have internet access – you can respond by phone or paper, too. It takes approximately 10 minutes to complete the questionnaire. The online questionnaire will be available in 12 non-English languages (Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Tagalog, Polish, French, Haitian Creole, Portuguese and Japanese). Help will also be available by phone in some of these languages.If the U.S. Census Bureau does not receive a response from your household, they will mail a second form. Households that still do not respond will be called or visited by a Census worker. (Census workers can be identified by a census badge.)


It’s important The data collected during the federal census determines federal funding for your community, your community’s representation in Congress, and planning decisions made in your community.

It’s required by law
The information you provide is combined with responses provided by your neighbors and other households across the country, to provide summary statistical data that are used by various local, state, and federal agencies.

Data Confidentiality

ABSOLUTELY! Your answers are protected by law (Title l3 of the U.S. Code, Section 9) and are strictly confidential. It is illegal for the Census Bureau, or its employees, to share your personal information with any other government agency, including: local law enforcement, IRS, Health and Human Services (HHS), FBI, ICE, etc.

Not even the President of the United States can access your individual responses.

Ways to Respond

By April 1, 2020, every home will receive an invitation to participate in the 2020 Census. You will have three options for responding:

Online By Phone By Postal Mail

In mid-March, households will begin receiving official Census Bureau mail with detailed information on how to respond to the 2020 Census.

Important Timelines

March 2020 April 1, 2020 May 2020
Census postcards will be mailed to most homes. Letters with information on how to take the survey online as well as reminder letters to non-respondents will also be sent in March.


Census Day is observed nationwide. By this date, every home will receive an invitation to participate in the 2020 Census. When you respond to the census, you tell the Census Bureau where you live as of April 1, 2020. The Census Bureau begins visiting homes that haven’t responded to the 2020 Census to make sure everyone is counted.



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Image of PDF named Shelters Poster


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Image of PDF named College Students Poster

College Students

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