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EMA Responsibilities

  • Open and Operate Shelters along with the American Red Cross during a City Emergency
  • Open and Operate the Emergency Operation Center located at Fire Department Headquarters in the event of a Citywide Emergency
  • Oversee the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan
  • Oversee the National Incident Management System
  • Oversee grants available for the City of Fall River through Emergency Management Performance Grants
  • Develop an Emergency Response and Recovery plan for the City
  • Receive and review Tier II Reports. Tier II Reports are a list of chemicals in facilities within our City
  • Identify Hazardous Transportation Routes
  • Outline and establish Emergency Notification Procedures
  • Develop a plan for the Physically Challenged residents of our city
  • Develop a plan for Sheltering-in-Place

The Office of Emergency Management is also the agency that Mitigates and puts all plans together for evacuation procedures for private, public, and catholic schools, nursing homes, daycare centers, private and public buildings and facilities in Fall River.

The Office of Emergency Management also develops and publishes all plans for all the Special Institutions in our City.

During a city-wide emergency such as a major snow storm or hurricane the Emergency Management Agency opens shelters at B.M.C. Durfee Hight School not only for the residence of Fall River but for our surrounding communities as well.

The Emergency Management Agency also opens and helps operates warming shelters during the winter months for the less fortunate residents of Fall River.