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The Treasurer’s Office is responsible for the collection, disbursement, transfer, investment, and borrowing of funds for the City of Fall River.

The Treasurer’s Office is the custodian of all Bank Accounts, Trust Fund accounts, and Bequests that must be reconciled internally on a weekly basis and monthly with bank statements.

The office prepares all necessary documents for Bond Issue and Temporary Borrowing. Records are kept on all Municipal Debt and payments are made when due, throughout the year.

This office accounts for all Delinquent Real Estate Property that is in Tax Title and payments on these accounts are made in the Treasurer’s office. In appropriate circumstances, the Treasurer’s Office will negotiate installment payment agreements with taxpayers. All payment agreements require a minimum down payment and provide for monthly installment payments. When Tax Title accounts remain delinquent, Tax Foreclosure proceedings are commenced at the Land Court in Boston.