Route 79 Project Advisory

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Traffic & Parking

The Traffic Department is responsible for both parking tickets and signage throughout the city. The Department deals with requests, concerns and safety issues for parking and other traffic related concerns. The Department also works with the police department for speeding violations, abandoned vehicles and safety issues. We work together with DCM for street repairs, sidewalks or issues with litter and with neighborhood leaders with concerns regarding their neighborhood.

The Traffic and Parking Division is responsible for the City’s 975 meters, a little over one thousand streets. The collection of coins from the meters are done on a weekly basis, on a daily basis we are putting up new street signs, safety signs, school signs, directional signs, handicap signs, timed signs and special event signs as needed. The Traffic Department Maintenance unit is responsible for all the striping of crosswalks, center lines as well as all the crosswalks around school zones.

The Parking Enforcement unit in the Traffic Department enforces the City’s parking regulations daily, Monday through Saturday, except on Holidays and Sunday’s, with the key objective of improving the safety and accessibility for those parking and traveling in the City.

The Traffic Department office is responsible for collections and adjudication of parking tickets. The Department continues to provide a friendly and professional atmosphere and to assist the public with the best service it can provide. The Traffic Department continues to improve and provide information to the public regarding signage, Registry of Motor Vehicle release, safety issues, events in the City, permits, Handicap applications as well as customer service.