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The Fall River Police Department has the enviable distinction of being one of the oldest police departments in the country. Our long and proud tradition dates back to 1854, when the first constable hit the street to begin his tour of duty. For over 150 years, the people of Fall River have entrusted not only the authority, but also their welfare to the police. We have always endeavored not to abuse that authority and to hold their welfare sacred. With the advent of the new millennium, we hereby rededicate ourselves to our mission, utilizing the methods that we have adopted to steady ourselves on the course of "service, pride and commitment"


Non-Emergency 508.676.8511 Emergency 911

685 Pleasant Street
Fall River, MA 02721-4305

That is the mission of the Fall River Police Department; and we will strive daily to fulfill that duty to the citizens of Fall River.

Service with sensitivity as we continue to strive to me t the needs of our citizens, while being attuned to identifying those needs and being sensitive as to how to best accomplish the task. We resolve to establish frank and open communication with dialogue that best allows us to provide that which is needed by the citizens that we serve.

Pride in partnership; to be proud of what we have accomplished together as partners: a new station, a new vision, and an enlightened understanding of each other – the police and the people that we proudly serve. It is our goal that the citizens of Fall River will be proud of their police, and that the police will be proud to serve the citizens.

And lastly, commitment to the compact that exists between the police and the community. There is no police authority without the conferment of that authority through the will of the people. There must exist mutual trust, civility and respect; and both the police and the people must work toward that end. At the same time, we make a commitment to excellence – to do the very best that we can as we serve the community.

We solemnly pledge to enhance the quality of life for the people of Fall River. The only means to that end is a concerted effort, by civilians and police alike, to protect our city from disorder and the criminal element, corner by corner, street by street and block by block, until every neighborhood is safe haven for our people.