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The Planning Division is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Engineering & Planning and provides guidance and staffing for the Zoning Board of Appeals, Planning Board, Site Plan Review Committee, Conservation Commission, Licensing Board, Historical Commission and Historic District Commission. As such, it assists these boards, commissions and committees in administering their responsibilities under local, state and federal law with respect to zoning and subdivision control, site plan review, maintenance of the City’s Master Plan and Open Space and Recreation Plan, issuance of various business licenses, the Wetlands Protection Act, and historic preservation.

The general mission of the Planning Division is to provide technical advice regarding, and to assist in the implementation of, policies and programs focusing on our city’s economic development and quality of life, including but not limited to, policies and programs involving appropriate land use and land use planning and protection and enhancement of our city’s natural/environmental and man-made/historical assets.

More specifically, the Planning Division’s Mission is to serve the public, its elected public officials, and the appointed boards/commissions that we support/staff in an efficient, courteous, and professional manner; to advise the Administration on matters of policy and procedure within the purview of the boards and commissions we staff and support; to cooperate with other departments and divisions to jointly advocate for and advance the policies and programs mandated by the Administration; to provide technical advice to the Administration and to other departments and divisions; to identify policy proposals, programs, projects and opportunities that may be beneficial to the economic development of the city and the quality of life of its residents and to bring these to the attention of the Administration; to undertake research and development of projects as directed by the Administration; and to strive to enhance the quality of our contribution to the city’s progress by seeking out and taking advantage of opportunities for continuing education and training to increase our knowledge of laws, rules, regulations and procedures relevant to the work of the Zoning Board or Appeals, Planning Board, Site Plan Review Committee, Conservation, Commission, Historical Commission and Historic District Commission.

How to Contact Us:

The Fall River Planning Division office is located at City Hall on the 5th floor.  We can be reached by telephone at (508) 324-2561 and walk-ins are always welcome.

Our mailing address is as follows:

Fall River Planning Division

One Government Center – Room 534 – 5th Floor

Fall River, MA 02722


Daniel Aguiar, Director of Engineering & Planning

Christopher Parayno, Assistant Planner

Nina Krueger, Head Administrative Clerk

Nina Pavao, Administrative Clerk

Applications, Forms and Fees

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