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Health and Human Services

The Division of Health and Human Services (HHS) includes the Health Department, Public Health Nursing, Council on Aging, Youth Services and six grant-funded programs: Mass in Motion, Tobacco Control, Shannon Grant, MassCALL3 Grant, Public Health Excellence Grant and the Local Health Support for COVID-19 Grant. The Board of Health, Disability Commission, and Council on Aging Board are also supported by this division.

The mission of Health and Human Services is to assess, protect and promote the health and quality of life for the residents of Fall River by promoting the creation and protection of a healthier community for all who live and work in Fall River by:

  • informing, educating local youth, seniors and the general public about public health issues;
  • providing Senior Centers that offer educational and social opportunities for seniors;
  • providing medical transportation for seniors;
  • delivering Public Health nursing services;
  • encouraging positive youth developments by collaborating with youth-servicing agencies, sponsoring youth leadership groups, identifying youth issues, and encouraging positive social behaviors;
  • the mobilization and participation in community partnerships to identify and resolve community health and human service challenges and issues;
  • promoting, enforcing and educating the populace about Public Health Codes and Regulations.


The Health Department handles all administrative work for the Division of Health and Human Services, including payroll, accounts payable, grant management, maintenance of records of past-issued burial permits and immunizations, and issuance of all of the Health-related licenses (although the Health Inspectors are in the Inspectional Services Department). It also provides the administrative oversight and reporting preparations for all HHS grant programs.


This office, through its Public Health Nurse, is also responsible for interfacing with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health on follow-up and case management of reportable contagious diseases, rendering treatment for active tuberculosis (TB) cases, providing TB testing and investigation of contacts, emergency immunizations, and working with the Food Inspectors. It also is responsible for Public Health Emergency Planning and site set-up operations, when necessary.

The Department of Public Health has co-ordinate powers with local boards of health to investigate contagious or infectious diseases M.G.L. c.111,s.7.


Tuberculosis Clinic Information            

Clinic Hours:

TB Plant (Testing) – Tuesdays 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

TB Reading – Thursdays 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Clinic Location:

1 Government Center, Fourth Floor, Room 431

Tuberculin testing (Mantoux) is offered only on Tuesdays.

  • It is necessary to return in 48 hours (the following Thursday, from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM) for test results, otherwise, re-testing will be necessary.
  • There will be an administration fee of $10.00 for Fall River residents and $15.00 for non-residents. The fee is due on the day the test is administered. Credit cards are not accepted.
  • Anyone who does not return on the following Thursday for test results will be charged, if another test is requested. *** NO EXCEPTIONS ***

A valid photo identification is required.