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The Engineering Division is responsible for administering several grant activities including the Chapter 90 program. This is a program whereby the state provides funds for the reconstruction of streets and sidewalks. The city develops the list of streets to be reconstructed and signs a contract with the lowest pre-qualified bidder. The city then pays the contractor and is then 100% reimbursed by the state.

The primary mission of the Engineering Division is the administration of public infrastructure within the right-of-way. The mission is accomplished through the efficient use of resources to repair and maintain streets and sidewalks, the administration of an effective permitting process to provide utility and contractor oversight, and the maintenance of records documenting conditions within the right-of-way. Executing this mission enables the division to be a source of information and consultation to the city administration, boards and commissions, the Department of Community Utilities, the City Council, the residents of Fall River, outside engineering firms, developers, utility companies and contractors. The Engineering Division is uniquely suited to providing professional services related to civil and environmental engineering to the administration, the City Council, and other city departments.

  • The Engineering Division is responsible for:
  • Superintendence of construction for streets and sidewalks;
  • Superintendence of drain layer regulations and construction;
  • Project management of certain City construction projects, in particular for streets and sidewalks;
  • Review of proposed subdivision plans and subdivision construction inspection;
  • Create and Maintain plans for assessors maps, street layouts, and sewer connections, and maintain sewer main plans;
  • Pavement reports for streets and sidewalks to determine conditions and make recommendations for repair and maintenance;
  • Issuance of building numbers;
  • Oversight and preparation of RFP, RFQ, and IFB documents for proposed City projects;
  • Oversight and preparation of plans and specifications for street acceptance, repair, and other public projects;
  • Serve as project representative on MassDOT transportation projects;
  • Analysis of hydrology and drainage reports submitted to the Planning Board and Conservation Commission;
  • Consult with Sewer, Water and Public Works Departments on various projects, such as drainage, spill prevention reports, street repair, etc.;
  • Provide recommendations and/or designs for drainage;
  • Prepare construction estimates;
  • Prepare reports for reimbursement of construction and engineering services on federal and state grant projects, including Chapter 90;
  • Coordination with utilities on construction practices, trench maintenance, and repair of streets;
  • Administer the Brownfields Grant from EPA for hazardous waste studies.

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