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The Fall River Board of Election Commissioners is responsible to comply with all local, state and federal election laws and regulations.

The Board is dedicated to providing the citizens of Fall River with the utmost quality of service and making easy the process of exercising your right to VOTE. In order to provide this level of service the Board schedules additional hours for voter registration and related activities throughout the year.

Our services include:

  • Accountable for all absentee ballot procedures and supervises all recount operations
  • Appointment, training, assigning and directing of Election Day officials at the polls
  • Certification of election results
  • Certifying candidate nomination papers, and initiative petitions
  • Conducting all local, state, and federal elections in Fall River
  • Conducting the annual city census
  • Maintaining and making available voter lists
  • Maintaining voting machines, equipment, and supplies
  • Providing various extracts from voter and census data
  • Registering voters
  • Researching past voter and census data as requested
  • Securing polling locations
  • Setting up voting precincts for elections
  • Responding to inquiries from the public and other governmental agencies regarding population statistics, voting procedures, voting districts and names of elected officials

The Board of Elections mission is to administer timetables mandated by State law to carry out all elections with accuracy and to provide efficient service to the people of the City of Fall River. I also want to increase the response of residency information through the city census. This department will continue to prepare for the upcoming City Preliminary and City Election by updating the residency and voting list on a daily basis.