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The Auditor’s Office is the central nervous system for the City of Fall River Government. It is committed to delivering the highest quality of Accounting and Finance Information for management decisions and overall budgetary controls. It maintains liaison with and is accountable to the MA DOR in financial matters and facilitates external audit services in a timely and cost-effective manner.

The  mission  of  the  Auditor’s  Office  is  to serve the citizens of City of Fall River by:

  • Maintaining the reliability and integrity of the financial information about the city government and its various departments;
  • Providing most reliable financial information to all stakeholders in the City of Fall River, including the citizens, management, legislators, state and other regulatory agencies as well as bondholders in a timely manner;
  • Coordinating with external financial service providers for efficient debt management;
  • Ensuring compliance with various grants received the city departments;
  • Providing timely and effective service to various city departments in all financial matters;
  • Ensuring compliance with the budgetary appropriations