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The Board of Assessors of the City of Fall River operates under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 59, Section 38. Under this section, the Board creates an assessment of all property, both real and personal, at full and fair cash value; these values are eventually used as the basis for the local property tax. Every five years, the division conducts an examination of all property values. This procedure is called a "revaluation." Once completed, the State Department of Revenue certifies all values established under the revaluation.

The  mission  of  the  Assessor’s  Office  is  to equitably and  fairly  discover,  record,  and  value  all  real  and  personal  property  within the  City  of  Fall  River,  in compliance with Massachusetts General Law, and the guidelines set forth by the Department of Revenue to more than carry our weight, as a valuable  member of the Financial Services Team, and to provide timely assistance to all of our municipal and  state partners.

Our paramount role is to address the needs and concerns of our citizenry in a prompt, efficient, courteous, and professional manner.

Providing competent and experienced knowledge to all the various and involved inquiries directed to, and thru, our Office. We strive to maintain at least two workers on-duty at all times in the Assessor’s Office. And, we approach every Study, Analysis, and Special Project as if it were being prepared for posterity.