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Demolition Permits

What Is Needed For A Demolition Permit In The City Of Fall River

1) Letters from the following utilities:

  • Sewer cut-off / Engineering Division: 508-324-2512 – Located on 5th floor of City Hall, Room 531
  • Water cut-off / Water Division: 508-324-2320 – Located on 3rd floor of City Hall, Room 308
  • Electric Company disconnect: 877-987-2778
  • Gas Company disconnect: 508-689-1117

The letters must state that the utilities have been disconnected or that the building being demolished never had any of these connections.

2) A letter is needed from the owner (for residential property) or Licensed Asbestos Contractor (for commercial property) that the property doesn’t contain asbestos or the property has been properly abated.

3) All commercial buildings must file necessary forms with MA DEP copies must be provided to the building department. Click here to visit the MA DEP website.

4) A Dig-Safe number must be obtained. Dig-Safe can be reached at 1-888-DIG-SAFE (1-888-344-7233)

5) The homeowner of an owner occupied 1 to 3 family or its accessory buildings can obtain the demolition permit in their name. Any larger residential building or any commercial building – the demolition permit must be obtained by a licensed contractor, architect or engineer.

6) Notify the Plumbing Division of the proposed Demolition. (508-324-2571)

7) Police Department (508-676-8511) must be contacted if a police detail is needed, Fire Department (508-324-2740 or 508-675-7411) must be contacted when a fire watch is needed.

8) A permit is needed through the Traffic Department (508-324-2123) for sidewalk use and/or closure, street use for a trash dumpster and/or meter rental permit.

9) Demolition Permit Fee made payable to the City of Fall River for $125.00.