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Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)

The Mass. Dept. of Environmental Protection and the US EPA requires Water Departments to provide an Annual Consumer Confidence Report.  The report communicates to customers relevant information about the quality of their drinking water and provides an update on water-related activities.

During 2010, our program of infrastructure replacement and water quality improvements continued.  More water mains were replaced across the city, replacement of lead services continued, water pressure in the Townsend Hill area was increased, and the new 92-foot high water storage tank on Townsend Hill was placed into service. These system improvements continue to be funded through the water rate. In calendar 2011, more water mains will be replaced, and the two tanks at the top of Bedford Street will be taken off-line for maintenance and painting. To date, each phase of the improvement project has been accomplished on time and under budget and has resulted in dramatic and necessary improvements to the Water System.

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