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Citywide Parking Ban in Effect at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday February 18, 2021

City of Fall River – Winter Storm Preparation & Parking Ban

Due to the forecasted snow on Thursday, February 18th, a parking ban will be in effect from 9:00am on 2/18/21 until further notice. Parking is only allowed on the north side of city streets that run east and west and on the west side of streets that run north and south. Parking is allowed, unless posted, on both sides of any street that is divided by a traffic median. Parking against a median is prohibited. Parking is not allowed within 20 feet of a corner to allow access for snow removing vehicles.

Parking is available at the following locations until the ban is no longer in effect:
• City Parking Lot on Cash Street
• City Parking Lot on corner of Hunter and Columbia Street
• Talbot Middle School on Melrose Street
• Morton Middle School Parking Lot on Hood Street

Residents are reminded of the following:
• Saving parking spots by placing furniture or household objects in the street is prohibited by
law. Placing objects in the street to reserve a parking spot is punishable by fine.
• It is the responsibility of each homeowner to clear sidewalks of snow. Failure to do so is
punishable by fine.
• Do not throw snow into the street.
• If there is a fire hydrant located near your property, please ensure that it is cleared so that
emergency services can access the hydrant if needed.
• If you are willing to volunteer to clear sidewalks for sick, disabled or elderly residents,
please contact the Mayor’s office at 508-324-2600 or 508-324-2601.
Phone Numbers & Contact Information:

Please call the following numbers with questions or concerns:
• MAYOR’S OFFICE: 508-324-2600 or 508-324-2601
• TRAFFIC DEPT: 508-324-2577 or 508-207-2584
• DPW: 508-324-2760

For members of our homeless population in need of shelter, please reach out to the First Step Inn
at 134 Durfee St or call 508-679-8001.