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Citywide Parking Ban in Effect at 6:00 p.m. on Monday December 2, 2019

Fall River, MA – Acting Mayor Cliff A. Ponte Jr. announces a citywide parking ban, which will go into effect beginning Monday, December 2, 2019, at 6:00 pm until further notice.

Motorists are reminded that when a parking ban is in effect, parking is allowed on the north side of all city streets that run east and west and that parking is allowed on the west side of all streets that run north and south.   In most cases, this means no parking on the fire hydrant side.

Motorist are asked to participate in the parking ban to allow emergency vehicles, including police, fire and medical, clear access to all streets while allowing better access to snow plows for cleaner and safer streets.

Parking is not allowed within 20 feet of a corner to allow access for snow removing vehicles.  Parking allowed, unless posted, on both sides of any street that is divided by a traffic median, but parking against the median is prohibited.

If any vehicle is in violation of the parking ban and must be towed to clear streets for plows or emergency vehicles, the owner must call the Fall River Police Department at (508) 324-2801, for the location of the towed vehicle.  All towing fees must be paid to the respective tow company prior to the release of the stored vehicle.

Parking is available at the following locations until the ban is no longer in effect:


Residents are advised to tune in to the local radio station WSAR 1480 – WHTB 1400 for any updates related to the ban.  Also stay tuned to channel 18 FRED TV, Fall River Web Site, as well as channel 6 WLNE, 10 WJAR, 12 WPRI.

Please call the following numbers with all and any questions or concerns regarding the snow storm/parking ban:

 Snow Storm Station:         508-324-2801 or 508-207-2584

 DPW Office:                          508-324-2761 or 508-324-2760

 Traffic Department:          508-324-2577  or  508-324-2579

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