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Charter Commission Members

The Charter Commission is a citizens’ group comprised of 9 members which are elected. The Commission’s mission is to evaluate and propose changes that are warranted in the City Home Rule Charter as provided by State Statute. The commission also monitors legislative activities on an on-going basis. The commission’s 9 members serve on a volunteer basis and a staff liaison provides assistance to record minutes, prepare agendas and perform other ministerial duties.

Name                              Title                         Email                                               Phone
Michael L. Miozza       Chairman                     508-415-7127
Kris Bartley                   Vice Chairman                   508-951-9284
Brenda L. Venice         Clerk                     508-678-2584
David M. Assad            Member                           508-674-3444
James W. Cusick         Member                              508-789-0047
Patrick Norton             Member            508-837-7130
Michael P. Quinn        Member                      774-488-4053
Dan Robillard              Member               508-617-9526
John P. Silvia               Member                            508-837-9456