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Cemetery Rules

Flowers and Decorations

  • From May 1 to October 31 ground level flowers in non-breakable flower containers.
  • After October 31 ground level flowers & decorations are allowed only on:
    • 3 days before & after a holiday or special anniversary (Special date must be engraved on grave marker)
  • Memorial Day flowers are allowed May 1 through the Monday following Memorial Day.
  • Christmas flowers & decorations are allowed December 1 through first full week of January.
  • Veteran’s flags/flag markers are permitted.
  • Live plantings/shrubs with approval of the Park/Cemetery Board.

Prohibited Items

  • Plastic Flowers are not allowed.
  • Glass and/or breakable items of any nature are prohibited.
  • Driving metal, wood, wire, nails, or posts into the ground is not allowed. (only Veteran’s flags/flag markers are permitted to be inserted into the ground.)
  • Enclosures of any kind are not allowed.  This includes fences, ditches, rocks, decorative curbing or other landscape/edging items.

** Adherence to these regulations helps insure the Cemetery is well kept and maintained for all who visit. **


These guidelines were established by Oak Grove Cemetery for the maintenance and upkeep of the property.

In a traditional size grave, four cremations may be allowed in one casket.

Lowering the Casket
Lowering the casket into the grave as part of the Internment Service is only allowed if the family of the deceased requests it prior to the burial service.  Only City Cemetery personnel will be allowed to operate the lowering device.  Cremains may be placed in the grave by family members at any burial service.


  • Only one upright monument may be erected on two adjacent graves, which shall be of 42” high including the base and no more than 24” wide, or the stone must be flush with the ground.
  • Only two stones will be allowed on a traditional size grave, one at the headend of the grave and a flat stone at the footend of the grave.
  • All work must be completed as fast as possible under the inspection of the Superintendent, and materials not used must be removed as the work is completed.
  • The City Cemetery(s) are not liable or responsible for monuments or markers ordered from online sources and shipped to the Cemetery.  We recommend a local company.  There is a fee for all monuments/markers installed.  Call the office for a list of local companies at 508-324-2750
  • More specific information is available in the Cemetery office at 508-324-2750.

Transfer of Graves and Lots
No sale or transfer of graves shall be valid without the expressed written consent of the City, endorsed and entered on records by the City.

Rules and Regulations

Oak Grove Cemetery adheres to Chapter 114 of the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The following local regulations will be strictly enforced with the cooperation of the general public. These rules were established by the Board of Park Commissioners.

  • Vehicles and pedestrians are not allowed to enter when the cemetery is closed.
  • Dogs and bicycles are prohibited.
  • Anyone damaging cemetery property or headstones will be arrested.
  • Any activity other than cemetery business is not allowed