2019 City Council Committee Assignments

Committees of the City Council meet periodically as scheduled by the Chairperson.
Below is a list of the current standing committees, as established by Sec. 2-151 of the
Revised Ordinances of the City of Fall River:


 Finance Ponte, All remaining members of the City Council
 Economic Dev. & Tourism Long Laliberte-Lebeau, Cadime, Long
 Health & Environmental Affairs J. Camara, Long, Viveiros
 Human Services, Housing, Youth & Elder Affairs J. Camara, Long, Pelletier
 Ordinances & Legislation Long, Cadime, Kilby, Laliberte-Lebeau, Viveiros
 Public Safety Kilby, J. Camara, Viveiros
 Public Works & Transportation Viveiros, S. Camara, J. Camara
 Real Estate Pelletier, S. Camara, Kilby
 Regulations Cadime, Laliberte-Lebeau, Pelletier
 Arts & Entertainment S. Camara, Long
 Council on Aging J. Camara, Pelletier
 School Committee Cadime, S. Camara
 Senior Senate Kilby, Viveiros
 Veterans Laliberte-Lebeau, Long
 Library J. Camara, Viveiros
 Neighborhood Long, Viveiros