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Fire FAQs


1.   What are the smoke and CO Detector Requirements?

The age of the building and amount of units within dictate the smoke and CO alarm requirements. One and two family dwellings built before 01 January 1975 refer to the Smoke Alarm requirements when selling a one and two family residence as of December2016 flier. All other buildings refer to the Bureau of Fire Prevention and Investigation letter. If there are additional questions call the Fall River Fire Prevention Bureau at 508 324-2740


2.  What are the requirements for fire escapes?

There must be two means of egress from each living unit and they should be as remote from each other as possible. For more information contact the Fall River Code Enforcement Department (Building Department) at 508-324-2436


3.  How Do I take a City connected Fire alarm box out of service?

A contractor, business owner, repair technician or responsible building representative may take a fire alarm box out of service to effect repairs or testing of systems. The responsible party must call Fire Alarm Dispatch at 508-324-2390 or 3291 and give the fire alarm box number, Location /address, status of the claim, give reason, approximate length of outage and address to send invoice as there is a $25.00 Fee.


4.  Where and to whom do I make complaints? 

If there is an immediate threat of fire or injury immediately dial 911, for non-emergent concerns or to lodge a complaint Monday thru Friday from 0800-0900 and 1500-1600 the Fire Prevention Desk at 140 Commerce Drive, Fall River MA 02721 is open. After hours or holidays call 508-324-2740 and leave a message. Again if there is an immediate threat of fire or injury call  911.


5. I am holding an event and would like to have the Fire Department give a presentation or setup an informational booth.  Who do I call? 

Currently Inspector Jeffrey Medeiros is the Departmental Public Fire and Life safety Educator he can be reached at 508-324-2740 Extension 111


6.  How do I go obtain a tent permit? 

If you plan on erecting a tent that exceeds 12 foot by 12 foot you must begin at the Fall River Code Enforcement Department (Building Department). The process starts with an application at their offices located at Government Center on the Fifth Floor, followed by the Fire Department notification at which time the tent fireproofing records and testing as well as the building permit must be brought to Fall River Fire Prevention for signature and notification of when the erection is to take place. At this time an appointment will be made for the tent inspection.


7. Is there open burning in the City of Fall River? 

There is NO open burning in the City of Fall River per Massachusetts General Law. You cannot ever burn brush, leaves, or any type of debris. That said Outdoor Fire Pits, Outdoor Fire places and Chimineas are not specifically regulated under Chapter 148, 527 CMR or the Air Pollution Prevention Regulations 310 CMR 7.00.CMR 7.07 (Fire Pits) and 7.08 (Fire Places/Chimineas) prohibits burning of any trash or refuse and only allows the burning of clean dry wood.  Large fires, fires closer than 50 from buildings will not be allowed and will be extinguished. If the Fire depat1ment responds more than once for complaints of smoke the fire will be extinguished as it now constitutes a nuisance. 


8. How do I get a Fire Alarm or Sprinkler permit? 

Sprinkler and Fire alarm permitting is now the responsibility of the Fall River Code Enforcement Department (Building Department). The process starts with an application at their offices located at Government Center on the Fifth Floor. The Fire department will perform a plans review of the system, plans must be dropped off at 140 Commerce Drive along with a Check for $100.00 written out to the City of Fall River. For more information contact that department at 508-324-2436


9. How do I arrange a Fire Station Tour? 

Each Fire Station in Fall River has a House officer. Part of the House officer's responsibilities is scheduling and conducting station tours. Visitors are always welcome but groups must be scheduled as the Fire companies daily perform inspections, drill, apparatus and station maintenance as well as respond to emergencies. The station telephone numbers and addresses are listed below:


Center Fire Station 

165 Bedford St 

Tel# 508-324-2387 

Reney/Eastwood (Flint) Station 

400 Eastern Ave 

Tel# 508-324-2380 

Kosier (Globe) Station 

659 Globe St

Tel# 508-324-2835

Candeias (Niagra) Station 

1010 Plymouth Ave 

Tel# 508-324-2388 

Stanley St. Station 

229 Stanley St 

Tel# 508 324-2384 

Bernard (North) Station 

140 Commerce Dr 

Tel# 508 324-2382 


140 Commerce Dr 

Tel# 508 324-2740